In the last yoga mix ("Desert Garden") I've included a track "Garden of the Gods" which is from my side project Art Sonic.

I thought I should post some links to more Art Sonic music, specifically, the last album, available as a free download.

I wrote "Roadside Sketches" during a 3-week long road trip to American Southwest, and it's the first part of the Southwestern trilogy, a project inspired by the mountain streams, rugged beauty of the desert, tales of the Old West and freedom of an open road. I've recorded a wealth of material during this trip and also did some field recordings which later, back in my studio, got incorporated into the tracks’ arrangements.

If you'd like to find out more about this trip you can visit my Travel(b)log.

Big prairie skies, Rocky Mountain panoramas, desert vistas, ghost towns and ancient Anasazi ruins, all provided inspiration to pick up the guitar and attempt to translate sights into notes. I hope you'll enjoy these little roadside sketches.