This mix starts off with some mid-tempo middle-eastern beats, progressing gently into a flow of great dub electronica and psytrance tunes in the middle. The last 3rd of the mix eases off into mellower and more melodic climates. Bombay Dub Orchestra, TJ Rehmi, Karsh Kale and Anoushka Shankar tracks bring the mix nicely toward its beat-less and meditative completion. Ambient track by Arcticology allows for perfect closed-eyes motionless cool off period.   

  1. Tikki Masala - Evening Puja
  2.  Desert Dwellers - Bodhi Tree Dub (Sunrise Mix)
  3.  unknown
  4.  Escape to Buddha Boutique - Shengavit
  5.  The Orientalist - Zanzibar in Dub
  6.  Harmonic Frequency - Eostrae
  7.  Eastern Sun - Rapture At Sea 
  8.  Tripswitch - Stereogram
  9.  Dubtrak - Dark River Tribe (downstream drift remix)
  10.  Fall - Xerxes
  11.  Talvin Singh - Mundigo (Deepspace mix)
  12.  Dubtrak - Be in the flow
  13.  Bombay Dub Orchestra - Map Of Dusk 
  14.  TJ Rehmi - Invisible Rain
  15.  Karsh Kale - Light up the love
  16.  Karsh Kale and Anoushka Shankar - Breathing Under Water
  17.  Arcticology - Dust


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Here we go! So, this is the inaugural post with the very first mix called "Easy Groover Yoga Mix". It should pretty much set up a pattern of how these mixes will be done. The dynamic flow may change from mix to mix, depending on the mix's theme but I will usually try to incorporate a healthy dose of both, established artists and lesser known musicians, producers and DJs whose music is posted on sites like SoundCloud.


This mix starts off nice and slow with some chilled out ambient tracks, progressing into more dynamic mid-section with some more upbeat dubby electronica tunes. The last three tracks ease off into more calm and reflective mood, and end with a meditative Indian flute piece.   

  1. Rena Jones - Driftwood
  2. Dreamtribe - Asian Rain
  3. Solar Quest - The Belle of Atlantis
  4. Ishq - Nepalese Sun
  5. T.J. Rehmi - Perfumed
  6. Yantra Mantra - Pranayama
  7. Spiral System & Lottie Child - Elephant (Dub Mix)
  8. Synthetix - The Tao Of Dub
  9. Celt Islam feat Inder Goldfinger - Futuwwa
  10. Bardo State - Pathaan's Dirty Dancer Mix
  11. Boskey - Klovharu
  12. Small Axe - Witch Doctor
  13. SaReGaM - Zen Mind
  14. SaReGaM - Bodhi Tree
  15. Suns Of Arqa - Natbhairav edit