Didgeridoo Theme Yoga Mix


I'm sure there is didgeridoo-theme yoga mix out there, I just haven't come across one yet.
I've heard this instrument being showcased in the same way shakuhachi or pan flute are in many new age albums, and it's a bit of a shame since didge can produce such a broad spectrum of sounds and project great variaty of emotions. There is way more to it than tagging it with "ethnic", "meditative" or "soothing". Aborigens used it for millenia for spiritual reasons but in today's music it is featured in wide variety of styles: from ambient, through trance and electonic, to folk, roots and World Beat.
In this mix I would like to incorporate some of these genres. I believe - as much as some may argue the point - that didge ultimately is a great instrument as a backdrop for yoga practise: after all, it is used as both drone instument (mindfulness / breath) and rhythem instrument (movement). I hope you'll enjoy this journey.


1 aa.vv - Totem
2 Ganga Giri - Termite Grooves
3 ash dargan - word of mouth
4 Steve Roach, David Hudson & Sarah Hopkins - Red Dust and Sweat
5 Ganga Giri - Termite Grooves
6 ash dargan - Bell ceremony
7 Dr Red - Ethnotrance
8 aa.vv - Resonate the Head
9 aa.vv - BigBamBoo
10 TikiMasala - Manjushir
11 ash dargan - Bird tribe
12 aa.vv - The Australian Purple
13 Axon Ishtar - Cherimoya


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