Mystic Mountain Yoga Mix


Here is a mix that's perfect for longer vinyasa flow sequences. Tracks are longer to allow for slower pace of the flow. As before, you'll ease off into the mix with slower tracks that set the mood. More upbeat tunes will pick up the pace in the middle part with dubby Xizan by ZaZen and Liquid Stranger's Lotus. Desert Dwellers track will bring the mix into its final meditative sequence with the beautiful ambient piece by Enuui.   


  1. Ravi Chawl - Chakra Of Spirituality
  2. Toires - Lahore Connection (Toires Aquatic Remix)
  3. Kala Hari - One Love
  4. SaReGaMa - Himalaya
  5. ZaZen - Xizan
  6. Liquid Stranger - Lotus
  7. Dao - Soham
  8. Thievery Corporation - Beloved
  9. Desert Dwellers - More Than Anything (Vast Sky Mix)
  10. Enuui - Shin'ei


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